Single Round Challenges
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A single school, hospital, training center, etc. can have its students or employees compete against others within that institution. This is referred to as a Single Round Challenge.

What is needed to Register a Single Round Challenge

  1. Who will be acting as main contact and event manager.
  2. Institution's name and contact information.
  3. Discipline Challenge selected for this event (Only One at a Time).
  4. The number and names of the contestants.
  5. The starting date for the competition.
  6. The competition ending date (must be within 60 days of the start date).

Need to Know Information for the Single Round Challenge Manger

  1. The Institution's Main Contact is considered the Institution's Challenge Manager (CM) for this event. If you have questions or need help with the registration process contact David Douglas at or his direct line, (800) 507-1903.

  2. You will need to provide a name for your event. It should start with "The" and finish with "Event." Example "The ABC Career School of Jacksonville Event" This name will be used on your downloadable event certificates.

  3. You can choose if you want your results to be public or private. If public – the event's results will be displayed for 90 days after your event finishes in the Celebration Area of the CEC website. No actual scores are ever displayed. It lists your event name along with the top 10% of contestants under the label "The Best of the Best." The next labeled category, for the top 11% to 25% of contestants, will be "The top 25%". The next labeled category, for the top 26% to 40% of contestants, will be "The top 40%. All the rest of competing contestants will be listed under "Participants". These results along with their scores and a test breakdown are also e-mailed to the CM. If you choose to mark your results private, your competition's results will only be sent to the Challenge Manager by e-mail.