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The following rules have been developed to help ensure that your future challenge events can remain as fair and unbiased as possible. But ultimately, the CEC system depends on those who administrator and those who use the system to exhibit integrity and sportsmanship to ensure that it remains impartial for everyone's use.

* No one is allowed to copy or allow others to copy the contents of any part of the CEC website, practice tests, and/or challenge tests at any time, for any reason, by any means.

Challenge Testing Rules

  1. No one can assist a contestant during the challenge test at any time, for any reason, no collaboration.

  2. Contestants should not talk during their challenge testing session.

  3. Contestants are not allowed to have notes, books, or other resource material available during the time of their challenge test, no cheating. The only exception is for Insurance & Coding challenge participants. They are allowed to use standard versions of the CPT and ICD-9CM books during the contest.

  4. There are 100 questions on each challenge test. Each challenge test is considered complete when the contestant hits the "Finished" button. The number of questions answered is not relevant. A Challenge test is also considered completed when the ninety minute time, starts at the marking of the first question, limit for that challenge test has been reached. Again, the number of questions answered is not relevant.

  5. Contestants must hit the "Finished" button after answering all the questions on their challenge test.

  6. After a challenge test is considered completed, the contestant will no longer have access to that test.