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Ready, Steady, Go!

Institutional Costs

There is no monetary cost for using the Career Education Challenge system. However, we do request that you contribute to the thousands of already available questions in the CEC in order to participate. Each institution that uses the CEC system must submit 3 multiple-choice questions for each challenge event they wish to participate in prior to competing. If an organization has five institutions that will be involved in an event, each of the five must submit their own 3 questions. There is no maximum limit to the number of contestants that an institution can enroll in an event.

Create Challenge Questions

Quality tests require quality questions. We've created a simple guide to creating the best questions you can to assure the Career Education Challenge continues to offer only the best challenge questions possible. Please read our Creating Multiple Choice Questions guide and refer to is as you write your questions for the CEC:

Categorize Your Questions

Each of the five discipline challenges has its own occupational outline. That discipline’s outline is laid out in categories, sub-categories, and competencies. Click below to view or download the outline of the discipline challenge your institution will be competing in. It also includes the Question Development Instructions and Form.

Register Your Challenge Event

A single school, hospital, training center, etc. can have its students or employees compete against others within that institution. They would register as a Single Round Challenge. If a group of schools, hospitals, training centers, institutions, etc. wanted to compete against each other they would register as an Multiple Round Challenge.

Click to read more about:         Single Round Challenges         Multi-Round Challenges

Visit the Disciplines and Preparation Area

This area allows the contestants from your Challenge Event to help prepare for their challenge by downloading the Discipline’s Occupational Outline and Reference Material list. They may also challenge a Practice Test composed of twenty different challenge questions in this area.

Take the Challenge Tests

All challenge tests are composed of 100 multiple choice questions and are timed. Each test has a ninety minute time limit. Results are displayed at the end of our practice tests, but are not displayed at the end of the actual challenge tests. An e-mail will be sent to the Challenge Manager at the conclusion of the challenge and at the end of each round or tier of an organizational challenge that includes the results along with the contestants’ scores and their test breakdown.

Download Challenge Event Certificates

24 hours after the challenge event competition is finished, the CM can login to download Challenge Event Certificates for each contestant. All participating contestants will have a certificate available. Four different types of certificates will be given out. No actual scores will be displayed on the certificates. The top 10% of contestants will have certificates labeled "The Best of the Best." The top 11% to 25% of contestants will have certificates labeled "The top 25%". The top 26% to 40% of contestants will have certificates labeled "The top 40%." All the rest of the competing contestants will have certificates labeled "Participant."